Compiled on 23 June 2020

The author (iSocks.One team) does not take any responsibility for causing damage or change of causing damage to customers and third parties, their information or business due to use or inability of use the service.

Received access (free or paid) is confidential information and it is not subject for distribution.

The administration of the service has the opportunity to reject issue the test without explaining the reason.

User must timely inform technical support of the service about problems with proxy operation. Request for refund is possible only within 24 hours after successful payment of the order. (Read about Refunds)

User cannot activate more than 1 promo code per day.

Prohibited on our servers: Spam (including spam on forums, blogs, guest, etc.) and any activity, which can make IP address being blacklisted (, SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, etc.).
Hacking sites and finding their vulnerabilities (including sql-inj).
Scan ports and vulnerabilities, selection of passwords (bruteforce).
Create fishing sites on any port.
Fraudulent actions, slander, deceit, threats and insults.
Distribution of malicious programs (with any methods).
Laws violation of the country in which server you are using is located.
Using iSocks.One service you undertake full personal, administrative and criminal responsibility for all your actions and their consequences.

Refunds are possible only if iSocks cannot provide the service (no access to the proxy, the proxy does not work). If the proxies work, but through them access to a particular resource is difficult to return is impossible

Administration reserves the right to change this agreement without notifying users.

If the rules are violated by user, service reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the customer service without the possibility of recovery.

*iSocks.One service is an intermediary between the client (the buyer) and the proxy provider.

Thank you for using our services in good faith and respecting other Internet users!